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As a youngster of the 70's, born and raised in Queens NY, he developed his art skills at an early age.  Drawing and painting was a natural task as early as elementary school.  In the late 80's, graffiti was everywhere.  He found himself surrounded by graffiti artists old & new. It was then, the spray can became the medium of choice. 


In 1990, he started using the city as his canvas making his mark on abandoned buildings, rooftops, trucks, track sides etc. Later progressing into small & large scale legal productions with artists from Queens & neighboring Brooklyn by the late 90's. BIS was officially in the melting pot of New York graffiti.


Fast forward to 2015, graffiti art has allowed him to expand and cross function paths in art forms, thus, combining the use of aerosol paint with acrylics, pen & ink, graphic design and now sculptures.


Today BIS lives and works in New York.  He is actively painting, building & calibrating with like minded artist from all over.

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